Teaching for the Culture School Board Gradebook Picks – Hillsborough County

Teaching for the Culture School Board Gradebook Picks – Hillsborough County

School board members are individuals elected by their community to serve as representatives of the public. As champions for the community, school board members work to make sure the needs and desires of the public are brought to life by successfully carrying out their responsibilities.


There are five major school board member responsibilities. These duties are vital to the work and performance of the local school district.


1. Establish the vision and goals for the school district.


2. Be aware of policies, laws, and regulations that may impact the work of the district; and implement policies that help improve the work of the district and its schools.


3. School board member responsibilities to hire and evaluate the district’s superintendent.


4. Adopt and maintain an annual budget that is aligned with the vision of the local school district.


5. Serve as leaders and representatives of the community and as advocates for students and the school district.


After months of research, our team is proud to announce the candidates our children need. Elect educators for the School Board. Meet our picks for the Hillsborough County School Board. Make sure you vote on August 18th! Our children deserve the best candidate that operates with accountability, transparency, and integrity #TeachingForTheCulture


Nadia Combs has had a passion for serving the children of Hillsborough County for over twenty-five years. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, both from the University of South Florida in Tampa, where she also served in student government and was the founder of the U.S.F. Social Studies Club.


She has a passion to make a positive impact in her community, and her background in the public and private sectors of education have provided her with the tools and knowledge to continue to improve the lives and futures of students in Hillsborough County Public Schools. Her extensive experience as an award-winning educator, as a business leader, a parent, and as a passionate advocate for children to make Nadia the ideal candidate to serve Hillsborough County Schools in District 1!


Henry “Shake” Washington had a thriving and successful career with Hillsborough County Public Schools for 42 years. He began my career as an Instructional Assistant and rose through the ranks to Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, Area Director, with my career culminating as the Area IV Superintendent.


He looks forward to running a positive campaign, having a true dialogue with all stakeholders, and meeting challenges of educating the students in District 5 head-on. Together, he believes we can help our children become the future leaders of Hillsborough County, America, and the world. He wants to improve District 5 and the school district, and make it the best in the State!


Dr. Angela Schroden worked for Hillsborough County Public Schools for fifteen years. First, as a classroom teacher at Gibsonton Elementary in both 2nd and 5th grades. During her tenure as a teacher, she was awarded over $7500 in grants for literacy projects, as well as a Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship. The Fulbright Scholarship took her to Japan, to study their school system and culture while collaborating with educators around the world, all working to create better schools for their students.


She is excited at the opportunity to serve Hillsborough County Public Schools in a new role. As a life-long educator, public schools advocate, and mother of two boys who attend school in Hillsborough County, it is my mission to ensure that all, ALL, students receive an exceptional education by design, not by chance. She has a vested interest in the success of this district and the only candidate with both detailed knowledge of Hillsborough County Public Schools and experience working in districts across the nation.

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