Melissa Snively’s Requested Policy Update Needs Your Attention!

Melissa Snively’s Requested Policy Update Needs Your Attention!

The School Board of Hillsborough County Public Schools will be reviewing and discussing proposed new and revised policy updates at tomorrow’s School Board Workshop. School Board Member Melissa Snively has requested a revision to Policy 2215, which you should know about! It is important that the community is intentional with policy changes that impact our children and the generations to come.


Policy 2215 requires the Superintendent to develop and implement a program of instruction. The intent of this policy is to ensure that a district-wide program of studies fit the needs of all students and “challenge students to perform to their full capacity.”


In this policy, School Board Member Melissa Snively added the following revisions to revise this policy,

“Instruction on the required topics must be factual and objective, and may not suppress or distort significant historical events, such as the Holocaust, slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the civil rights movement and the contributions of women, African American and Hispanic people to our country, as already provided in Section 1003.42(2), F.S. Examples of theories that distort historical events and are inconsistent with State Board approved standards include the denial or minimization of the Holocaust, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory, meaning the theory that racism is not merely the product of prejudice, but that racism is embedded in American society and its legal systems in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons. Instruction may not utilize material from the 1619 Project and may not define American history as something other than the creation of a new nation based largely on universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence. Instruction must include the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments. (c) Efficient and faithful teaching further means that any discussion is appropriate for the age and maturity level.”


The latest version of Florida’s State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.094124 politicizes classroom instruction and has garnered national media attention, selective outrage, and misinformation. The Florida Administrative Code & Florida Administrative Register published the latest version and the history of the rule. You can view the link here:


School Board Member Melissa Snively copied the verbiage already approved by Florida’s Board of Education to facilitate an unnecessary political argument and policy revision adoption. School Board Member Snively’s requested change to this policy is wasting the School District’s time and resources. It’s vital that we are intentional with creating policies that will ensure Hillsborough County Public Schools has better financial accountability and academic performance. Wasting taxpayers’ time on the political argument of CRT will not decrease the number of underperforming schools or fix the financial crisis that is temporarily averted with federal funds.


Teaching for the Culture is still waiting on School Board Member Snively to call the Special Called Workshop to review the underperforming schools and report published by ACLU Florida. Please email your Board Members and let them know School Board Melissa Snively is wasting valuable time and this revision is unnecessary.



  • Kris Beaird
    August 12, 2021

    I support Melissa Snively! I do not want CRT taught to our children!! The reasons for underperforming schools are many, but this is not one of them. We want our US Constitution and history taught.

  • Charlotte Greenbarg
    August 12, 2021

    Anyone who doesn’t know why CRT is in fact being taught needs to take another read of the books that are infested with it. CRT “Theory” is propaganda claiming that USA was and is racist. Ms. Snively is correct.

  • Travis Lamar Horn
    August 12, 2021

    Critical Race Theory (CRT) is exactly what Melissa. Snively’s proposed revision [in red] says it is. CRT is apologist propaganda that seeks to undermine our institutions and foment more hate between our people. It tells my kids they are inherently evil because of their color, which is what I thought all good people spent the better part of the last century fighting against. Several of the extreme Far Left law professors at the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law wrote articles in support of this theory back in the late 90’s when I worked there in the Legal Information Center as an Undergrad work study student before going on to law school. It was my job to retrieve books and periodicals for professors from across the University’s six or seven other libraries, and a number of them wrote peer-reviewed articles promoting CRT. I’d wager some of them still do. Back then, it seemed to me the antithesis of a system that’s ostensibly rooted in respect for the Rule of Law, and it still strikes me that way today. If you’re really concerned with “teaching for the future” as your blog here is entitled, then why not focus on something that unites our students as the human race instead of further dividing them and engendering more hard feelings that will linger long after we’re gone? Wouldn’t that be a fare more mutually beneficial strategy for all involved? I’ve long believed that all good, thinking people want to see their kids educated to become more intelligent, compassionate and caring adults who’ll go on to be productive and successful members of society. Let’s revise the language to ensure that’s our focus.

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