After three incredible seasons of the dynamic show Morning Tea & Allegations, it’s safe to say we’ve been on a wild ride! We’ve gone through many ups and downs, revelations, and surprises.

After much introspection, I have decided to switch gears and focus on a different kind of storytelling. I’m passionate about helping people navigate the digital world in a safer and smarter way. As a business technology educator, I’m passionate about speaking to our youth about the unintended consequences of social media and curating safe social spaces.

Our education system is not prepared for the digital age we are living in. Our educators and school administrators have been feeling the pressure of the rapidly-evolving social media trends. It’s really important that we help our schools create a safe and secure environment for our students. It’s also important to empower our students and families to make informed decisions about digital safety.

This is why I have decided to launch the Cellphone Check podcast, a program dedicated to helping the community understand and implement best practices in digital citizenship and digital safety.

We must understand that when it comes to our digital life, we are responsible for the footprints that we leave behind. It is time for us to take ownership of this responsibility and help shape the future of our digital lives safely and responsibly!

Together, let’s create a safer and more informed digital space for everyone! Together, let’s hold each other accountable and help bring a sense of digital safety to our communities.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me! I’m excited to see what the next adventure brings!

Our children deserve better!
XO, Bianca 🤳🏾✨