Our students are crying out for help. Instead of providing children the support they need, school districts suspend them. Why are we suspending children with mental health trauma to go back to the environment inflicting them harm?


Year after year, we continue to witness disparities existing within the educational system. We can no longer be complicit! The system continues to deny people of color opportunities and then blame shifts to shield responsibility.


Teaching for the Culture is a movement to spark positive change within our education system! We are fighting for equity in education and justice for all students!


Bianca Goolsby, MBA

Education Advocate & Founder of Teaching for the Culture

April Cobb, MBA

Educator & Founder of BEAUTE Blueprint Foundation Inc.
D.Ford TFTC Headshot

Denise Thomas Ford

Educator & Owner of Carved Out Divas, LLC
K. Jackson TFTC Headshot

Kimberland Jackson, M.Ed.

Educational Consultant & Purpose Life Coach