Morning Tea & Allegations:

Watch Bianca live every Friday morning covering education news for Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee County, and Polk County!

Season 3 is coming soon!

The WHOLE Child:

Real conversations about breaking cycles of trauma and building positive coping mechanisms

Dope, Brown, & College Bound:

It will take our entire village to disrupt the narrative that Black kids don’t go to and get through college! Dope, Brown and College Bound is dedicated to increasing meaningful involvement amongst students, parents, schools and community.



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Diversi-TEA & Equi-TEA in Education:

Join April Cobb “April’s BEAUTE Bar” and Denise Thomas “Carved Out Divas” talk about Education, Community-related matters, and World Issues.

The Underground:

This series covers social media apps, scientific research on cellphone usage, problematic influencers that are targeting your children, and other related topics related to digital safety.

Parent Resources:

We bring educators around the State to update the community on current events and resources for your children.