Bianca Brown M.Ed.

Bianca Brown M.Ed. is the Owner and CEO of Scholastic Revolutionary Mission LLC. She is a Doctoral Candidate of Educational Leadership and has a Master’s in Secondary Education. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of Education and 2 year of Career Advising. Most of her career was spent working as a Social Studies Teacher, Special Education Teacher, and an Educational Leader in Public and Charter schools throughout the state of Florida. She has experience with home-schooling and also has International Education experience in Saudi Arabia and Liberia.



SRMs mission is to present innovative educational practices to the masses, and provide evidence-based tips and resources to those in search of change. Bianca Brown focuses on the latest trends and issues within the educational sector while creating a structured space where truth and accountability about education can be discussed openly; a space where students, parents, and educators can have those much needed but sometimes difficult conversations about education. She aspires to make changes to the world of education for the better.