Latasha Grant

Pretty Young Bosses Inc was founded in the Summer of 2016 by Latasha Grant. It officially became a non-profit organization, 501c3 April 2017. It started off as a small group targeting black career women and entrepreneurs building bonds. It immediately turned into a sisterhood and mentor program that targets black career women, entrepreneurs and at-risk youth they could inspire through mentorship. Once realizing how much they could do for the youth it was no brainer! They not only wanted to give back to the youth, so they started giving back to their community as well. They have held youth entrepreneur expos, feed the homeless days, provide living essentials for the homeless, held back to school events for the community, food donations for the community, educational events for the community, etc. We offer our little sister entrepreneur training skills, life skills, academic support, sisterly bonding, educational workshops, etc.

As a single mother of 3 kids with one of them being special needs, an entrepreneur and career woman who was also raised by that same type of woman who raised 4 kids, I have seen first hand how hard it was raising kids in this world with little to no support system. It was important I give our youth the support and mentorship I needed growing up. We assist 35 little sisters at this time within our program but we assist many others beyond our program. We currently have 10 big sisters with a goal to have 15 yearly and we always welcome volunteers and guest speakers to come to inspire us as a whole. From education to entrepreneurship, we provide our girls with the tools for success. We have so many projects in store to help our youth and our community. Funding has been our main issue but we are still making a way. We are always looking to collab on projects as well with other organizations. We are more than just a sisterhood and mentor program! Please keep an eye out for us because we are just getting started!! #WomenUpliftingWomen #MakeOurCommunityGreat