Lorielle Hollaway

Hello! I’m Lorielle J. Hollaway, homeschoolin mama of 3 + owner of Cultured Books, a multicultural children’s bookstore located on Historic 22nd St. in south St. Petersburg, FL.

At Cultured Books, our mission is to first foster a love of self by showing positive images and sharing great stories about people of color. To show our children our stories don’t begin with struggle and second, to broaden world views. We strive to nurture a reading culture within our community through the curation of great books, engaging book clubs, and community events that inspire. 

Tune in to our weekly Community Read-Aloud! on Facebook where families can learn about different people in our community while listening to a great book. 

We’re so excited to announce our newest program, The Book Report Project, an ongoing initiative that will allow youth in Pinellas and surrounding counties to purchase books with an alternative currency, a book report. We’re working to make this a lasting form of currency at Cultured Books.


Want to learn more about what we do? Let’s Talk Books!

Give us a call at (727) 328-4822 or send a note to stpetereads@culturedbooks.com.

Peace, Love + Books!

Lorielle J. Hollaway
Cultured Books